We want you to have a great experience

As Architects and Builders, we specialise in Custom Home designs of duplexes, town houses and house & land packages and project homes to client lifestyle and requirements. Attention to details including workmanship, quality of materials and structural integrity are absolutely vital to our performance standard.  As a result, our built quality is far superior due to building detailing without any extra expense to clients.


Phalomeke Homes provides our clients with an online “Client Platform”. It is a communication platform for Clients to participate in the building process of their new home at all stages of construction. A truly priceless tool for eliminating all miscommunications and errors as information updates, in real time, instantly to all parties involved in the development.


Building with “Phalomeke Homes” equals “Great Experience”- providing clear and transparent processes from start to finish.

Customer Focused

Here at Phalomeke Homes, we are extremely focus on all our client’s needs, providing unforgettable service and one important example is by keeping our clients up to date with their entire development till completion. We place a huge emphasis on ensuring that your experience with us is great and unforgettable. We offer a high degree of communication, professional advice and services to guarantee that you will be glad you chose Phalomeke Homes long after your home has been completed.

Long-term Experience

Our team of building professionals is fully equipped in assisting you in all areas of the processes involved in building a new home. Here at Phalomeke Homes you will always have an experienced professional to speak to you regarding your home at any time.

Incredible Services

Phalomeke Homes has a dedicated team of experienced building professionals, carefully selected to deliver amazing and unforgettable services for our clients. From the best in financial assistance or the latest technology to keep you up to date online with your build process, we have everything you need.

Quality Materials

We only use the best quality materials in our home designs to ensure that the look, feel and structural integrity of your new home is not only amazing but also the absolute best that it can be for decades to come. We offer three options of inclusions and finishes: * Essential range: This is the range generally for first home buyers and clients that want the stylish inclusions for its style and great value. * Urbane Upgrade: This range of sophisticated inclusions and finishes are designed to reflect on client’s individuality and lifestyle. * Custom Elite Upgrade: This is the luxury range for the prestige clients enhancing their lifestyle with indulgence, selectivity and exclusivity. Our vision is to build high quality homes predominantly in newly subdivided areas.